A tailor-made support
at each stage of your project

From initiation to completion, we assist you in carrying out your projects

Industrial Master Plan

It enables the planning  of industrial resources over several years by integrating needs, operationl, strategic, technical, regulatory and financial constraints.

Site Master Plan

It contributes to planning the site’s evolution over several years by integrating the needs, operational, strategic, technical, regulatory and financial constraints.

Feasibility study

It assesses the relevance of pursuing or abandoning the project before investing too heavily in in-depth studies and its implementation.


At the beginning of the project, together with you, we analyze, characterize and formalize the constraints and requirements.

Then, we methodically evaluate together the relevance of the solutions thanks to design reviews and the different stages of Qualifications (IQ/QO).


Pre-Project or Basic Studies - Details Design - Consultation of suppliers

In-depth studies allow us to evaluate the technical and technological levels to be implemented, the planning, the main phases, the budget and the risks to decide if the project can – should – be realized.

We consolidate and refine the studies to the required detail level of detail for project implementation and supplier consultation.

We also accompany you in the elaboration of the specifications, the consultation of the suppliers until the final negotiation.


Management of implementation and receptions

We align the services of the chosen suppliers.

The management of the preparatory stages to the realization such as the studies, the organization or the phasing is ensured by our teams.

We then coordinate and control the implementation and compliance with needs and regulations.